Traveling to Tortuguero this past weekend was a great adventure.
We were a group of 13 adults and 20 children. We hired a private bus that took us to La Pavona (3 hrs) where a prearranged boat was waiting to take us to our lodge… 
A breathtaking scenery welcomed us to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.
The first night we were excited to see the Atlantic Green Turtle nesting in peak season. At 8pm we cross on a boat to the beach side and went out with a tour guide in search of the turtles. Luckily we saw the complete nesting cycle.  The turtle comes out of the ocean and selects a point on the beach where to nest the eggs.  It is believed turtles come to nest at the same beach where they were born.  After the hole is dug, the female then starts filling the nest with a clutch of soft-shelled eggs one by one until she has deposited around 100 eggs.  After laying, she re-fills the nest with sand, re-sculpting and smoothing the surface until it is relatively undetectable visually. The whole process takes thirty to sixty minutes. She then returns to the ocean. The whole experience was amazing and the kids were particularly excited.




The second day, we did the Canals Tour with its astonishing rainforest. We saw many types of birds, iguanas, caymans and monkeys. The scenery was breathtaking – just wished the group was more quite to fully absorbed the jungle experience but that would have to be on another trip….
At around 4pm we took a long walk on the beach with the hope to see turtles hatching.  Unfortunately this time we weren’t so lucky… Although it was a great walk on a black volcanic sand beach.  The fin prints and the nestholes gave us a better idea of the nearly 1,000 turtles that nest nightly at this time of the year in Tortuguero. Too bad that the flies at the beach didn’t make it 100% enjoyable.

Back at the lodge we all enjoyed jumping in the pool. The hotel had great food and good service; I would recommend it to anyone not in need of AC, which at some point seemed essential.  Clearly the highlight of the trip is Tortugero not the hotels in the area.
If you want more details on where to stay, tour guides, restaurants and tour info at discounted prices, don’t hesitate to ask me, I’ll be glad to share those tips with you.
Don’t miss Tortuguero, it’s truly an amazing destination!
Little note:Special thanks to my friends for most of these pictures.

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