We just arrived to Rio Perdido in Bagaces, Guanacaste after a smooth 3 hour drive from San José. As soon as we saw this unique place we were amazed by its contemporary architecture surrounded by beautiful trees and a pleasant breeze. 


Rio Perdido opened over a year ago. The hotel, which opened last month, offers 20 bungalows  that are spread along a small part of the huge property. The simple modern design seems a bit Scandinavian with some Costa Rican details such as the colourful hammocks on the front terraces. The space is very well thought through, efficient and comfortable.  Don’t expect river views since there are none from the bungalows. 
After we settled down in our bungalow we decided to go check the river which was a short walk away. The warm and pristine water was like taking a luxurious bath in the middle of the forest, and even better: all for ourselves. 
I’m addicted to the beach, but places like Rio Perdido are also a must visit in Costa Rica. 
The Aerial Canopy on the river canyon is one of the highlights of this place. I went with my entire family. I was by far the most scared of all, but I did it and enjoyed it immensely. My husband was happy he tried it too and our daughters had a blast! 
View of the River Canyon
Rio Perdido also has 3 nice pools with different temperatures facing the forest. 
They also have a Bike Path which I didn’t try, but heard is amazing, specially for experienced riders. What I did enjoy was a wonderful massage with Fernando. He manages the simple spa which offers very reasonable prices. I’ve known Fernando for awhile since he used to work in Tabacon, and me being addicted to massages, can tell you that he is a masseur that will leave you in heaven.
Food is not this place’s highlight yet, but the potential is there. The personnel are very attentive, they are still training, but since they are so nice, you tend to relax and forget about perfection. 
I recommend that if your dates are flexible, try to find out if they are expecting a large group and skip those dates. It’s an unparalleled luxury to have the river for yourself.
If you are looking for a especial weekend getaway or traveling in Costa Rica, then don’t  miss this place, it’s just great! 
Rio Perdido
+506 2673 3600

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