I’ve been wanting to visit Rio Celeste for a while. It took me some time to finally go because I thought the ride would take over 5 hours. To my surprise it took us less than 4 hours to get from Santa Ana to 
Tenorio Volcano National Park and 10 more minutes to get to Rio Celeste Hideaway, the only luxury hotel in the area.
Upon check inn, we headed straight for lunch since the latest you could start the hike is 2pm.  After a tasty meal we drove back to the the park and started our hike along the river.

Tip #1: bring good hiking shoes, you’ll be walking on really muddy terrain. We hiked through a wonderful primary and secondary forest. Very few birds or other animals were spotted, but we might have been unlucky. Anyway, the highlight is the turquoise river, its waterfalls which are picture perfect, just unbelievable, and the scenery.
Here two rivers are joint to become Rio Celeste where water attains this turquoise color
So what makes the water this clear? Yesenia, our great Costarican tour guide explained that this is caused by a chemical reaction between sulfur and calcium carbonate. These chemicals are also responsible for a distinctive smell. The river water is not drinkable  so tip #2: don’t forget to bring water, I got really thirsty after almost a 3 hour hike. 
Back to our hotel with very dirty shoes, we headed for a nice shower and relaxation time. The pool at the hotel is not very inviting, so we rather enjoyed the tranquility of our spacious room.
Room’s terrace
Outdoor Shower
Dinner time came with a drizzle and a coldish 19 degrees evening. We weren’t ready for this weather so Tip #3: Bring a sweater and a pair of long pants.
The restaurant offers a well balanced menu and food was so much better than I expected. I loved the ceviche and patacones (always one of my preferred dishes). For main dish I ordered a seafood soup that unfortunately was too salty / it looked so good – The waiter politely offer another dish.   My husband’s salmon was a bit undercooked.  For dessert,  a really tasty “Volcan Turrialba Warm Chocolate Cake” came on the house. I ate it all. It was delicious.!
I would say that the food tasted really good with simple Costarican flavours which was toped with very friendly and attentive personnel. Here you understand why tourist always say that ticos are really PURA VIDA. 
Corvina ceviche with leche de tigre
Come to this wonderful place, is worth the drive, no doubt about it. I will be back!

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