Restaurante Pescatore

I’ve been waiting to post a worthwhile recommendation before the end of the year. 
If you live in San José, you’ve probably been to this delicious restaurant in Escazú; or at least you’ve heard about it. If you are visiting CR, it’s a great place to dine at.
Pescatore is a Peruvian restaurant with an Italian twist to it. Regis Molina, the chef, does his job really well. Most times you’ll find him behind the kitchen or around the restaurant greeting tables as does is his partner and manager Luis Manuel. There’s no magic, when owners are around, things work well. Pescatore is a great example of such attention to detail, which is rarely found in Costa Rica. The menu is well balanced, there are options for every taste. The seafood dishes are the most popular ones, but you won’t be disappointed with the rest of the menu. A few of my favorite dishes are: tiradito de pescado, ceviche de atun  trio de causas, arugula salad with shrimp, plancha de mariscos and cazuelita de pulpo. 
Last night I went with some friends and this afternoon decided to take my grandmother for a dish she loves: “gnocchi with lomo salteado”.
Plancha de Mariscos
Gnocci con Lomo Salteado
Langosta con Rissoto
Pulpo a la plancha
Prices are very reasonable, it’s not an inexpensive restaurant, but you get great quality, large portions and very good service for what you pay. 
Don’t miss this great restaurant, one of the best in Costa Rica, no doubt.
My rating:

Food:            4/5

  • Service:        4/5 
  • Ambience:    4/5
  • Decor:          3/5 
  • Cost:            $$$ ($35 pp)


Golden Plaza, 600 mts Sur Multiplaza Escazu.
(506) 2289-8010



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