Prieta Beach Club and the Four Seasons Face Lift

We are celebrating our 19th Wedding Anniversary so a “child free weekend” is on its way and looking good! This time, before approaching the hotel, I propose to my husband I’ll stay at Prieta Beach Club, also in Peninsula Papagayo. I desperately wanted to take a walk on the beach and cross over to the 4S. Great idea! You know that feeling of wanting to be alone for a beat after beeing in the car for over 4 hours? Plus avoiding the check-in at the hotel and the welcome smiles that some days you just don’t feel like responding to. I wanted to be AT THE BEACH!

Prieta Beach Club is open to club membaers and to anyone staying at the Hotel Andaz or Four Seasons Papagayo. The club seats on a beautiful volcanic dark sand beach.  There is a large swimming pool, a lap pool and a nice warm jacuzzi from where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. A small gym is also available,  as well as a masseuse upon request. Towels and benches are complementary so you can relax under large Pochote Trees that give a wonderful shade. The ocean gets a little rough sometimes compared to the bay like beaches at the hotels, but its preferable to those who like boogie boarding or simply enjoy the waves.


Prieta Beach Club

Prieta Beach Club

Pochote Tree

Pochote Tree



For lunch there is a casual restaurant that serves among other favorites: ceviche, fish tacos, hamburgers, salads and sandwiches. The fresh tuna sandwich is my favorite! At night, Marea Restaurant is a more formal option. It serves fresh regional cuisine. I love the Crispy Skin Snapper, served with avocado rice and Bok Choy. There is also an appealing bar for pre dinner where you can order from Mareas’ menu as well. I recommend checking the opening hours for the club and its restaurants since some of these options might be closed during low season or be booked for special occasions. Going back to my time alone, I start climbing the steep stairs that take me from Prieta to The Four Seasons, a nice 20 minute workout pumps up my heart. Great views of the ocean and singing of birds accompany me through this pleasurable nature trek.


Steps that take you over to the Four Seasons





Walking down to Playa Virador at the Four Seasons


Four Seasons amazing property with 2 beaches

Virador Beach

Virador Beach at Four Seasons

From dark sand to white sand I arrive at the Four Seasons feeling at home…. I go straight to my room, since my husband had checked in already.  The 4S underwent a facelift last year, making it look fresher, livelier and more fun. The rooms had minimal changes, mostly furnishing and paint.New details in the pump up as I walk in the room, in order of preference:
Bath amenities by Ortigia, simply sublime!
Very comfy reclining chairs in the terrace.
New digital AC controls that work perfectly well.
White hangers in the closet! Make my clothes look fresher…
I love the new fabric on pillows and sofas;  but I have my doubts about the lilac on the walls and lilac wall sconces in the bathroom… There’s probably a psycological reason for choosing lilac

Rooms Before

Rooms before renovation

Renovated Rooms

Renovated Rooms. Photo from the 4S Website

The lobby renovation, somewhat overcrowded with new furniture and a bag’s store,  did not impress me as much as what they did  with the restaurants. Tico’s Bar and the two main restaurants: Cena Sociale, Italian and Sol y Sombra, Latin American cuisine, underwent a much needed renovation with improvements in menus and food.
Service is at its best, especially when compared to other hotels in Costa Rica.


Renovated Tico’s Bar


Tico’s Bar

Quinoa with fresh fish

Quinoa with fresh fish

Shrimp and Kale Salad

Shrimp and Kale Salad

Red Snapper

Red Snapper


Lirio Gigante


It’s always a pleasure to visit this magnificent place. If you haven’t come, make it a destination. If you have, come again, it will restore your body and soul (and clean your wallet a bit!)

I leave you to start celebrating my anniversary…. Much more about this wonderful place on my previous posts.

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