Perfect weekend getaway at Peace Lodge

Mother’s day came by last August 15 and I was childless for the weekend…. one girl in summer camp, the other one headed to the beach with my mom… So besides feeling a bit lonely, I decided to visit the Volcan Poas with my husband since I hadn’t been there in a while. It took us an hour from Santa Ana to the park entrance. The 15 minute walk from the parking to the volcano viewpoint is an easy walk, great to add some exercise to your day. Once we got to the viewpoint it was so cloudy that we couldn’t see the crater… Expect this most of times, consider yourself lucky if you get there on a sunny and dry day. Another 10 minute walk took us to the Botos Laguna where it was clear and beautiful for a few minutes!  The Botos Laguna is an extinct crater filled with rainfall water. The name comes from an Indian tribe called Botos, which lived in the surroundings. Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 5.57.27 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 1.45.24 PM

Botos Laguna, an extinct crater

Arborescent Ferns

Arborescent Ferns
found in the area

The Crater

The Crater. Picture from UCR file.

After spending a few minutes by the laguna we walked back to the car, it was certainly a nice easy hike along the national park that ended with heavy rain, as most of times happens in that area. TIPS: Bring jackets, boots or tennis shoes and a bottle of water.

Lunch at  EL Churrasco, a Costa Rican steak house 10 minutes from the park, was good. I had a Casado, the typical costarican dish, and my  husband had a Churrasco which he enjoyed. Good service, good food and well priced restaurant, I would recommend it if you are in the area.



Casado: a costarican dish

Fresh tortillas

Fresh tortillas

We then headed to The Peace Lodge, also 10 minutes away. On our way we stopped for some fresh strawberries that were so unbelievably sweet.



Fresh strawberries

Fresh strawberries


Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 11.01.00 AMThis was our 3rd time at The Peace Lodge, it’s a really nice lodge that maintains it’s quality along the years. The large suites with its huge bathroom make you feel at a log cabin. It comes with a fireplace, a large bathroom with cascades, jacuzzi and separate shower. Also an outside jacuzzi on the terrace, where I spent hours reading while enjoying my morning coffee with my favourite breakfast: Queso Turrialba with tomato slices. I ordered through room service and it was there in five minutes. The service is really good at this lodge. The personal is  AMABLE and always smiling. Most of them are from the area, and its nice to feel a real costarican vibe when you are there. The more formal restaurant serves a nice menu at night. Theres also a bar, but no one was there…

cuarto bano
IMG_5001 IMG_4998

Here kids could have a wonderful time as well. They have a butterfly, aviary, monkeys, frogs, and felines exhibitions, also a serpentarium “little park” and a nice trout pond where you can catch a trout and they’ll cook it for you.

Tucan 71536_10152027549285777_806685830_n IMG_0699
IMG_0705 IMG_5079 IMG_5066 IMG_5002 monkeys
IMG_5010 Humingbirds

The waterfalls are by far the main attraction, at least for me! A perfect path takes you along 5 amazing waterfalls, which are surrounded by lush vegetation, just beautiful. Once you get to the end you can either take a shuttle back to the hotel or walk back, which we did: great exercise, I truly recommend it if you want to get your heart rate up.

IMG_5032 IMG_5026 Walking back to the hotel

La Paz Waterfall Gardens & Peace Lodge

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 5.54.05 PM



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