Hotel Arenas del Mar, Manuel Antonio

I spent 3 incredible days in Arenas del Mar, located in Manuel Antonio. This was probably my 6th visit to the hotel. I love it’s location: you get amazing ocean views, direct access to the beach, huge trees and palm trees that provide shade all day while you relax on a bench feeling the ocean breeze. Few places in Costa Rica offer you all these wonderful things in one. On top of these, you can take a long walk on the beach and go to the national park as well, one of the nicest parks in the country where you can enjoy 2 beaches. Bring food along if you are planning to stay the whole day since they don’t offer anything and once your there you probably will enjoy staying for a while. 
View from the beach at Arenas del Mar

Caricacos in a coconut shell
Sloths are common in the property
Back to Arenas del Mar. The rooms are great, they have suites and deluxe rooms that can be rented together and you’ll get the feeling of staying in an apartment. The suites are larger with a separate seating area and 2 full bathrooms; they also have a large terrace with a Jacuzzi and amazing views in most of them. The deluxe room is a normal room with a large bathroom and a smaller terrace. Bedding is as good as it gets, I even looked for the tags to buy one for myself.
All the personnel are super attentive, they are from the area and you sort of get the Costarican feel through them. 
The spa is wonderful. I personally love Priscila. Look for her if you like to get a massage. The view from the spa cabins is to dye for, I even felt sad to put my head down and let the sunset go while getting the massage, but the whole experience was worth it; and by the way, they’re prices make sense, a massage costs $80, not $180 as you may find in many hotels.
Breakfast is included and delicious. Lunch will be perfect soon, is good now. The fact that you take a few steps from your bench and grab a table under the trees facing the beach, touching the sand, makes your ceviche taste even better.  Costarican chef Jose Lopez is coming this week to improve their menu, which will make me wanna come again soon! I didn’t stay for dinner since Manuel Antonio offers many options to dine out, another reason why I love this area. I’ll give you details on food on a separate post. 
Yes, Arenas del Mar is expensive, you should try to get special rates either in low season or throughout the year if they offer them. You pay for its location, the view and their nice personnel. 
They need to improve on little details, but they are on top of it. I’m sure that with the new personnel, most of whom I met this past weekend and seem very professional and totally aware of these details, this magnificent place will be incomparable.
  View from the room’s terrace.
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  1. university
    4 years ago

    I really appreciate you finding the time to fairly share these records with us.

    • nataly
      4 years ago

      Well I’m at Arenas del Mar again and it’s soooo great, have you been yet?