36 hours of pure pleasure at 4S

We arrived yesterday evening after an unusually long (5 hour) drive from Santa Ana. There was a bad accident on the highway that added a 1hour detour plus the heavy rain of October added another 30 minutes. 

A delicious fruit juice and a cold towel welcome us to a fresh and clear night at the Four Seasons, always a pleasure to arrive: “Welcome back”
We decided to go straight to dinner at Tico’s Bar below the hotel reception, a cold Segua Beer tasted soooo good! Love this new beer from Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co.  
Luxury Suite. Picture form the FS website.
Then we headed to a wonderful suite, a nice upgrade from the luxury bedroom we had booked. The girls were excited, and I was happier since the idea of sleeping on two double beds isn’t my favourite. I really wonder how couples manage to sleep on a double (full size) bed. For me that is sort of a request for “Let’s go on vacation so that we can sleep really uncomfortable for a couple of days”! The suite with a sofa bed for the girls and a king size bed for my H and I made me VERY happy!

Aerial view of the site. Picture from: http://img100.imageshack.us

We woke up after a good night sleep, to a beautiful day with clear skies. Even though October is supposed to be the rainiest of all months, the weather was perfect.

After a BIG breakfast, the girls went to the “Thank-God-Kids-Club” and we laid down at one of the hotel 2 beaches which is quite unique for any property. As you can see in the picture above,  one beach faces the open Pacific Ocean, the other one is part of the Golfo de Papagayo and it’s almost like a lake, perfect for the free water sports they offer.  Later I dragged the girls out of the Kids Club and went kayaking, they loved it! We saw Manta Rays jumping close by. A light lunch followed by a 30 min heavy rain from 4-4:30pm came just on time for my husband’s 2nd nap of the day and for my cup of coffee “sans dessert” since the one I ordered went back to the chef… 
Time to criticise food at 4S… Never their flagship. Food here is expensive, portions are kind of small, and taste is just ok. I always wonder how come they can’t improve their kitchen, I eat better at home and that’s not what I expect at a Four Seasons. Except from some dishes here and there, the rest is average. Expect to pay no less than $100 for each meal for 2 adults and 1 kid without alcoholic drinks. Keep in mind that food and drinks for children under 5 are complementary (they don’t say it, you got to be in top of it). I came at least 4 times with my daughters and always payed for everything until a friend mention this policy!
36 hours of pure pleasure at the 4S is not enough… We still have tomorrow to enjoy and head back to reality….
Everyone is asleep…Good night for now.

Sunday morning:

Another great day at this paradisiacal place… 
It started with a perfect  quite  and lonely coffee in the room terrace since girls run to the Kids Club and my H to the gym, probably the best gym of any hotel I’ve stayed at.

view from the terrace
Today I finally tried paddle boarding, not as hard as I thought, really fun. We swam in the ocean enjoying the perfect water temperature, very few beaches in CR are as pretty as this one. 
The service at the hotel is great, well it better be, it’s a Four Seasons; but I must admit that it has worsen due to an apparent staff reduction. 
I truly recommend taking a walk up hill from the pool, the vistas are amazing, and you never get to experience this panorama unless you walk up there. 
Also take a walk to Playa Prieta from the hotel, steep stairs make a real work out (not child friendly) and stay at the Prieta Beach Club for a pretty decent lunch.
Jack Nicklaus 18-hole golf curse and a top spa round up the whole experience.
Picture from FS Site.

If you visit CR try to come to the Four Seasons, it’s as good as it gets down here.

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